Motorbike Insurance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a few commonly asked questions

Do you need bike insurance?

It is usually a good idea to carry at least liability insurance on your motorcycle in case you have an accident injuring another person (considering the increasing numbers of accidents and fatalities for motorcycle drivers over the past few years).

Where can I find the best deals?

Riding a motorcycle is not as easy as it looks and it is now mandatory that every new driver must complete their CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) before they are allowed to ride a motorbike on UK roads. The same principles for keeping your premium down on car insurance can be applied to motorbike insurance as well. Don’t go looking to insure a 500cc bike if you have just passed your test and don’t have any no claims bonus and make sure the bike is kept securely (both when in use and being stored). One other thing to bear in mind with bike insurance is whether the company you are thinking of insuring with will penalise you if you cancel an annual policy mid term. Due to biking being a seasonal hobby, a lot of people will not own a bike all year round, or want to pay fully comprehensive premiums if the bike is laid up. However, if you do plan to leave a bike uninsured because you will not be using it, be aware that if it were stolen you would also have no cover!

Can you be covered by your parent’s insurance?

To make certain you can, call or e-mail your prospective insurers and ask the question. Also, if they say that you would be covered, get it in writing and make sure that you are one of the covered drivers on the policy. Usually a policy will either specify who is covered by name in the policy, or they will cover all persons living in the household so if someone borrows the vehicle they are covered under the owner’s policy.

What is PIP?

PIP is Personal Injury Protection, but it’s not a lot of protection. PIP covers a limited amount of “reasonable and necessary” medical bills, lost income, and loss of household services for you and your passenger, regardless of fault. Usually very costly for bikes. If you and your usual passenger(s) have health insurance, you don’t need PIP. You should be able to recoup lost wages later, from the BI or your own UM, assuming there’s enough coverage.

What is a protected no-claims bonus?

This will allow you to have a certain number of claims arising from your own error or fault without affecting your no-claims discount.

When is the biking season?

Motorcycling is an enthusiast sport and is also very seasonal. The season usually kicks off around Easter and will then run until September, until the nights start to draw in. However, a bikers season if very much depicted by the great British weather! One of the major highlights of the biking calendar is the Isle of Man TT races. Each year, some of the finest bikers, and a lot of spectators go to watch or take part in several organised road races. The motorcycling calendar also includes lots of exhibitions at venues such as the G-Mex centre in Manchester, Earl’s Court in London and at the NEC in Birmingham. Such events carry all of the glitz and glamour you would expect from a motorcycle event and are attended by lots of exhibitors and visitors alike. Motorcycle manufacturers, dealers, accessory sellers and Motorcycle Insurance companies exhibit at these events.