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How to cut the cost of your cover

Many manufacturers will offer free or discounted cover for the first year for new riders. There are also a wide variety of hidden benefits in some policies – for example legal protection, roadside breakdown assistance, the level of mandatory excess for accidental or malicious damage and the provision of personal injury and personal belongings cover.

Take time out to research different insurance companies and the products that they offer; you also want to make sure that you are adequately insured. Being underinsured does not make for cheap insurance, as if something bad happens you could end up having to lay out a ridiculous amount of money when you claim in the form of repair costs, or an excess of which are not covered, or even, personal liability to anyone you may have injured.

Types of motorbike insurance

There are three basic types of motorbike insurance – Comprehensive, Third party Fire & Theft and simple Third Party. The minimum legal requirement is for basic Third Party cover but this only covers liability for injuries to other people including passengers, damage to other people’s property and accidents caused by your passenger. Third Party Fire & Theft cover provides all the cover above but includes protection against fire or theft of the bike. It is common for insurance companies to apply a policy excess to motor bike premiums – typically this will be around £200 but can be greater or smaller. The higher the excess the more reasonable the premium will be.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance

This provides extra cover for such events as accidental damage to your motorbike or scooter, personal accident benefit, medical expenses and loss of or damage to personal effects, for example theft of a helmet held in a top-box. Particularly with comprehensive policies insurance companies will require in depth information on the insurer. This will include details of where the bike will be kept, its engine size, details of other riders and for what purpose the bike will be used for – social, domestic or business. In the latter case a large premium could result as insurers assume that the business use will be courier related.

Specialist motorbike cover

Some insurance companies offer specialised policies for such things as vintage or classic motorcycles often providing them at a discount to vintage motorbike clubs or societies. There is normally a mileage restriction applied to these types of policies.

Motorbike Mania Safety tips…

Check the condition of your bike. A poorly maintained bike is an accident looking for a place to happen.

Always stay alert to your surroundings. NEVER drink and ride. Your life is worth more than a few beers.

Wear proper clothing… Always wear shoes, preferably a pair of over the ankle leather boots.

Watch for obstacles… Dogs love to chase bikes but don’t kick at them. You may lose control and that dog will have finally caught one!

Riding in groups.. Maintain a safe distance and put more inexperienced riders in the front of the group can keep an eye on them. Don’t ride side by side, stagger riders so that a safe distance remains between your bike and the bike in front of you, but keep ranks close.

Seeking advice on bike insurance

The wide variety and different methods of insuring your bike could well mean that it would be well worth your while to consult a specialist provider. There are many extremely helpful providers that will be able to provide you with all the details that you need to know, simply get a quote now and we’ll help you find the best deal for you – Happy biking.